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Greenbriar Cemetery

A home Haunt in Gilberts IL

Owned and operated by Matt and Nicole, we have been doing this haunt since 2019. We truly appreciate all of the support from our friends, family, and neighbor's . We could not do it without you all. We're getting bigger and better every year so please check us out as we expand our haunt and explore your fears!

Illustration of Bones and a Scary Eye

Frequently Asked Questions

  • how long have you been doing this?
    Matt has been doing this since he was a kid with his dad about (20 years), and Nicole has been doing this since she Meet Matt and this display in Gilberts has been Running since 2019.
  • Where do you store it all?
    EVERYWHERE! The display has slowly taken over two attics, a crawl space, garage, basement, and any other nook and cranny we can find to put things away for the off season.
  • What does your electric bill look like?
    Its not too bad as we only run around 4-6 hours a night, also with the use of newer LED technology we have cut down the bill in recent years.
  • Where do you get this stuff?
    We try and build a lot of it, the tombstones, monsters, some of the animatronics, are all made but there are only so many hours in the day so we do buy several things from many suppliers. We are Different in that we try and recycle and upcycle many things to reuse or create new things in the haunt. Thrift store are our friends, we try and source many thing second hand and create them into spooky things.
  • How scary is your Haunt?
    That's up to you to decide. but we do a pretty good job not to "go after" small children or people that have had enough. If your worried your child might get to scared come earlier in the night just before dusk so you still have some sunlight for the kiddos.
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